Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How fast do you digest egg protein

Egg protein is also lactose-free making it ideal for anyone with a lactose intolerance. Plus it has a great amino acid profile which is of huge importance for athletes that have a lactose intolerance.
Depending on the sources of protein you prefer, how much you consume and how often and what your end goals and results are, there are a number of ways to look into the benefits of different sources and what they are going to provide to you. When choosing protein sources, you want proteins that will result in the most absorption.
Egg protein has a high-efficiency rating and the body will absorb up to four grams every hour following the use of the supplement. It is going to provide important hormone producing pathways as the protein source is high in amino acids and is also high in essential amino acids that the body needs to build muscles, survive and to thrive. Egg protein was once considered the best protein for body builders because it possesses a high ratio of essential to non-essential amino acids.
This protein is created by separating the yolk and then converting the white of the egg into powder.  Egg protein is the best source of protein according to PDCAAS ratings. It contains all the essential amino as well as a couple of non-essential amino acids.
While egg proteins should be part of a body builders staple, they should not be the only source primary for several reasons such as;
·         The ratio of branch chain amino acids to essentials is not as good as many of the many of the available supplements. For example, whey protein contains almost twice as much leucine as egg protein
·         Egg protein is intolerable for most people due to bloating and gas
Some athletes have used eating just raw eggs as supplements. This is a foolish attempt at taking in additional protein. Eating raw eggs or raw egg whites only results in about 50 percent absorption of the available protein. That means, therefore, that if you eat enough raw eggs to give you grams of protein your body will only absorb 20 grams.
Modern supplementation products have helped us to move past the idea of the raw eggs in a blender. Today protein supplements taste better and are easier to absorb by your body to make you more fit. You can therefore take in fewer calories to obtain a leaner and better look.