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Global Marketing: Broadening the Target Market

Whether a company markets its services and goods globally or domestically, the definition of marketing still applies. The scope of market broadens when the company decides to sell across international boundaries this being primarily because of the numerous dimensions that the organization must account for. Global marketing is especially important for products and services with a universal demand for example automobiles and food. A beverage company, for example, is more likely to be in more markets compared to a company producing wooden toys, but even the latter can find a niche market in diverse corners of the globe. If you are looking to learn how global marketing can help you or your company expand your target markets, this is the article for you.  The article provides an account of how the concept of global marketing was started, providing examples of companies that have been successful expanding their target markets.
Evolution of global marketing
A few decades ago, it took several months to ship products to markets abroad and doing so was such a big undertaking that only large trading companies were able to incur the risk. Then, developments in transportation technology made it possible for products and people to move faster and the first push towards globalization started. Information technology especially the internet has shrunk the world further. A business could have employees and partners across the world and consumers can get products from the locations in days.
The global environment                                     
The most important strategy in global marketing is assessing the environmental factors. Taking account of economic, cultural and political difference is a must in dealing with various markets. Looking into the environment allow you to cluster markets according to their differences and similarities based on uncontrollable factors. For example, if you are exporting horticultural produce and you wish to anticipate changes in the political environment, you might need to build a relationship with politicians who have knowledge of the political system. This is however not to be viewed as insider information.
Global Marketing
Global marketing is more than just selling a product globally. Rather, it entails the whole process of producing, planning and promoting the companies in a global market. Some individual examples of global marketing include
1.        Coca-Cola started selling globally in 1919 and is present in more than 200 countries. To keep a consistent brand, Coke tastes similar in all regions (except in the United States where high-fructose corn is used in place of sugar) the size, shape, and labeling of the coke bottle are changed to match the norms in every county. While the company initially used a standardized advertising approach, it has changed to adapt their adverts to the culture in the country. It also adjusts the product line to match local taste including some new beverage brands. This is a sure way of broadening their target market.
2.        McDonalds ensures that the Big Mac tastes the same globally, but it also varies the menu items according to local tastes. To broaden the target market, consumers in Mexico can order green chili cheeseburgers while Korean customers get bulgogi burgers.
3.        Starbucks also adjusts their menu to fit the local tastes of their target market.  As a global coffee buyer, the company has long had the reputation for engaging local cultures by their needs.
These are classic examples of companies employing global marketing strategies that not only reach new markets but also broaden their target markets. This is achieved by the trend to tailor products and services to suit the consumers in the new markets. While specific products that are unique to the brand are introduced to the new markets, the companies use products the new markets are familiar with and use them to broaden the target market.
Recognize differences in markets
When marketing products globally, companies have to recognize that a marketing mix that has proven successful in the domestic market may not have the same success in another market. Differences in local competition could require a different pricing strategy. Local infrastructure could affect how products are produced and shipped. In some instances, it could be profitable to produce things locally while in some instances, it would be cheaper to ship them across the globe.
Culture and global marketing
Partnerships with local business are an essential step in global marketing as well as expanding the target market.  Partnerships with local business could also dilute the brand. A global marketer has to consider all aspects of marketing as well as the task of communicating cross-culturally.  Marketers have to visit their target markets and spend time there. Here, they can develop local contacts as well as acquire a greater understanding of how business is conducted in the region. In Japan, for instance, it is not enough for you to speak Japanese, you have to learn how to conduct business the Japanese way.  Learn what is valued culturally in the target market and what is offensive.
Using Local Talent in Global Marketing
Developing and respecting local business talent is also essential in global marketing. If you are opening a brand in Korea for instance, you have to make full use of talented Korean professionals in your marketing, distribution, and advertising. Most companies lose opportunities and have alienated allies because of the attitude that as Americans, they know better than their foreign partners.  Using local talent is essential since the consumers relate more with them as opposed to foreigners. It is important that local markets identify with the brand to expand the target market in new territory.
Communication’s role in global marketing
Effective communication is important in any marketing strategy especially in the global market where communication can go awry. Developing communication skills must be a core part of your marketing process. You have to use graphic and verbal messages and tap into the values of the target market to create powerful messages.
Global marketing, when correctly done, can propel a company to the next level.  The examples used in the article are a few demonstrations of how brands have been able to establish markets abroad using simple marketing strategies specially tailored to the people and expanding their target markets.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Communication Systems and Strategies applied by successful companies: Nike Versus Adidas

Nike is an American global corporation that is engaged in the design, creation, manufacture and global marketing of selling footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Nike is among the largest athletic shoes and apparel supplier.  It initially started as blue ribbon sports in 1964 and changed to Nike inc. in 1971.  It sponsors high profile sports persons and sports teams globally with the highly recognized trademark of just do it.
Adidas is a German global corporation that designs and manufactures sports clothing accessories and shoes. The company also creates other products such as bags, eye wear, shirts and other sports related goods. The company is leading in Europe and was founded in 1948.
Adidas and Nike, being the two principal foot wear companies, as compared to others, have to sustain and maximize their market shares therefore they are both investing more in marketing their products by employing diverse communication strategies
Nike: Internet exploitation as a communication strategy
Nike has established a strong presence on the internet. Nike applies a variety of network tools to gain  advantage as a leading seller in the market,
To begin, the company’s campaign on the internet and the media sometimes do not even mention  the name and only using Nike’s slogan. This attributed to prior campaigns that have had success and led to customer’s relation of them to the company. Using these advantages, Nike has developed a variety of ways of using social networks as a communication channel with their customers while promoting their products.
Nike has many accounts on twitter that focus on specific products and to develop significant demand for them. Twitter is a clear example of Nike’s web strategy. Twitter is a better communication tool as consumers can get updates on the latest news. Twitter allows the company to advertise products to the public and provides information regarding the company while building relationships with customers.
 It helps the company to grow in popularity. The company has also hired famous professionals who have twitter accounts too, and this is used to gain considerable attention from the public. The athletes post their photographs in Nike products. Doing this, they are able to develop a marketing approach that is competitive.
Facebook is also another valuable accessory to Nike’s communication strategy. The company uses its Facebook to inspire people and athletes who are its spokespersons also appear on their Facebook page and act as reminders of that call for action. While twitter builds relationships with clients, Facebook is market oriented and provides product information and information about the company.
The company’s website is another vital communication tool; the company has a range of web pages that gives information and helps the customer to make purchases online with less difficulty.  In the websites, there are videos that promote the company’s products. The videos are used to associate the products with personal satisfaction. It thus created a competitive image as well as achievement in an individual doing their best . The website gives customer avenues with which to communicate with the company.
YouTube is used to strengthen the company’s strategy tool. YouTube has revealed to be highly valuable as it brings reliability and accuracy. More so, it has demonstrated to be an outstanding avenue for promoting clips and publicity for the company.  Here, the company created its channel as a creative way to stay in touch with consumers with ease, this way; it provides special consideration for every product while focusing on particular market targets. The company’s clips show professionals excelling after the use of their products.

 The videos bear an emotional effect and hence, the objective is to correlate specific feelings to their products in a manner that often ends up boosting sales. The videos express motivation and individual success and as such they manage to push customers into purchasing its products. The company also uses special events to its advantage using them to highlight its advertising approach and makes very emotional videos; for instance the Olympic 2012 campaign and the world cup 2014 campaign recently.
Finally, in Nike’s communication strategy is Flickr and blogging, Flickr allows the company to share photographs of its products while allowing users to air their opinion of the products. This helps the customers to communicate problems with products and what they need to do different. The company’s blog, on the other hand, is exclusively an information sharing avenue. It promotes the company’s latest products and shares information with the public regardless of if they are prospective clients or not.
Nike’s success is attributed to the company’s approach to communication and the fact that it has established itself as one that gives inspiration to all sports enthusiasts. It is a very social brand and has given new importance to communication through the internet while gaining immense success that has resulted to the global extension.
Adidas: Campaigning as a communication strategy
Adidas is focused on developing plans of communication that are not only creative and inspiring, but also support the global positioning, create equity of brands and enhance the achievement of goals. The central precept of Adidas’ plan for communication is to tap into the emotion in sport and advantages of a sport filled way of life in all channels of communication. The company regularly brings aspects of global marketing that can easily be leveraged to develop brand messages that are simple while still powerful. The company endeavors to guarantee that all its brands stay in the lead in communication plans.
“Adidas is focused on developing creative and inspiring plans of communication”
The company uses digital marketing as the foundation of its communication activities. Bearing in mind the fact that consumers are online most of the time, the company’s strategy allows for its transition from campaign based communication, which has been primary in its activities, to creation of rapport with the target audience.
Adidas is mostly reliant on campaign based communication as a communication strategy where it focuses on developing campaigns to raise awareness on its products. One such method is sponsorship of events.  The company has sponsored a variety of sporting events such as the soccerex football festival. Deals such as this one are aimed at promoting its products to sports lovers . This draws to people’s emotions while investing in youth development through sports.
The company also uses professional sports men and women to conduct campaigns aimed at popularizing their products. For instance,  the company sponsors sports team and with the success of every team and good performance, the message of the products’ effectiveness is being put out there and as such, prospective customers are encouraged to use the same products.
Another campaign tool is outdoor advertisements. This includes creative billboard concepts that draw customer’s attention while effectively communicating their product. Customers are therefore able to see the products in their drives home or even from their office windows.  The billboard adverts serve to inform the customer’s of the company’s presence and products using well known individuals in the sports industry and relating success to their products. This communicates the idea that association with the company brings with it success, and that, therefore, is an attraction for sports oriented customers. A particular shortcoming of this is that it does not allow the client to ask questions or rather does not provide an avenue to ask questions or even air their opinion.

The company also conducts online campaign activities to correspond to their customers and to endorse their products. Through the company website, clients can view pictures of the products and give their views on the same and as such helping in the development of relationships with clients. The company has a considerable online presence, but it is meager in comparison to its largest competitor. It has not been as aggressive as Nike in social media as a communication tool.
In 2014, the company intended to invest further in the digital space. This is likely to bring better online presence as compared to the current situation. By investing more in the digital space, the company will enjoy a larger audience from their customers and easier more efficient way of sharing information regarding their products. These platforms will help the company be in constant communication with its customer’s allowing them to share an opinion and giving insight on ways in which the company can improve a particular product based on the criticism received from the clients
In conclusion, it is evident that Nike’s web based communication strategy has proven to be more effective in ensuring brand success. The hands on approach and its dominance in the online platform has only worked to its advantage. With the increased popularity of social site, s and more people relying on these sites for information, the social sites are the perfect tool for the company efficiently to communicate to the customers while allowing them to gain insight from the consumers and market their products in simple, efficient ways.
While Adidas has had relative success from its methods, it has not fully incorporated the issue of social media into its communication plan. This has slowed down its penetration into the online platform of communication. As such, can be said that Nike’s strategy is more practical and social media is a more feasible communication plan since a large proportion of individuals have social media accounts particularly the youth who are the main target group for both companies.

It is thus recommended that companies do not limit themselves as pertains to what plan to use in their bid to communicate information on their products and services. Every possible channel should be used, and particular emphasis laid in the online platform as a tool for the exploitation of the internet as a communication strategy.  Bearing in mind the current trends where social media is the go to place for information. It is only proper, for them to tap the full potential of these sites.

AMERICA AND CUBA: How the relationship will change

American and Cuban relations deteriorated following the Cuban revolution in 1959 and ever since, there has been confrontation and tension between both nations. United States lacks formal diplomatic relations with Cuba, and an embargo has been maintained that makes it unlawful for corporations in the United states to conduct any business with Cuba .The embargo was imposed due to the nationalization of the property of United States corporations during the Cuban revolution. United States had explicitly stated  that the ban will stay put for as long as the government of Cuba continues to refuse to move towards democratization and a value for human rights.
Following the events in 1961 and 1962, diplomatic and economic isolation became the primary thorns of United States policy to Cuba. This went on even following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Washington went further to strengthen the embargo with the Cuba Democracy Act of 1992. The act states that the ban cannot be lifted until  when Cuba will hold free and fair elections together with transitions to a democratic government that does not include the castors. The current Cuban president, Raul Castro has made it clear he will leave office in 2018. A  series of changes have been implemented to the trade embargo in order to allow for the export of some United States medical supplies and agricultural products to the island . Cuban has incurred losses over the years because of the stringent trade restrictions.
According to Farley (2004) in his book, majority-minority relations shows how conflict and ethnic stratification develops among groups.  Initially, just like in the case of America and Cuba, when they initially come into contact, they display some accommodation and curiosity towards the other party. There is both conflict and cooperation, then America became dominant and as such, there are cast like relations with rigid restrictions impacted on the subordinate group which is, in this case, the trade embargo imposed on Cuba by America.
“Human Rights in Cuba are a significant concern for United States Policy Makers”
Human rights in Cuba are a significant concern for United States policy makers. It has been observed by the human rights watch that Cuba goes on to repress people and groups that criticize governance or ask for the basic human rights using detention, beatings, imposed exiles and travel restrictions. The report also notes that dozens of political foreigners and prisoners have been released from Cuban prisons in 2010 and 2011. Domestic politics in the United States made united states Cuba d├ętente a political risk. The Cuban American people in South Florida traditionally had an influence over the United States policy on Cuba. Both Democrats and Republicans have feared to alienate a voting bloc that is strong in a critical swing state in presidential elections. The Cuban community has been for a long time been a significant role player in Republican support in presidential elections. The trend has however changed as Democrats have in the recent past won the Cuban vote in Florida.
Towards the end of 2014, the American president, Barack Obama, and the President of Cuba Raul Castro announced the start of a process of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. Negotiations were conducted in the Vatican City and Canada the agreement oversaw the lifting of several United States travel restrictions and lesser restrictions on remittances. United States banks would have access to the Cuban financial system, and there would be an established United States embassy in Havana that was closed following the Cuban affiliation to USSR in 1961.
The meeting of the American and Cuban president came four months after they both announced that both countries would restore their ties. Successive administrations in the United States have been maintaining a policy of diplomatic isolation and economic sanctions against Cuba. The changes in the countries relations that was at first marked by a prisoner exchange and Havana releasing a jailed united states contractor prompted a number of experts to point towards better prospects for the economy in Cuba and united states relations broadly in the Latin America region. The United States trade embargo that requires to be approved by Congress to be repealed is not likely to be lifted soon. In addition to the prisoner's release, America agreed to reduce restrictions on remittance, banking, and travel and Cuba agreed to the release of fifty-three prisoners that had been classified by the United States as political dissidents. New trade and travel regulations were implemented in January that enabled United States travellers to visit sans having to obtain a government license.
This is explained in the third phase of ethnic stratification where society progresses to become more industrial, modern and urban race relations are a class like and the competitive systems are more fluid. There are minimal legal restrictions on a subordinate group as is seen following the lifting of some of the travel restrictions to Cuba; however, the dominant group retains power by covert discrimination. Members of majority groups perpetuate cultural racism through the belief that the minorities that are disadvantaged situations are there due to influences from their culture.
Countries that are determined by the united states secretary of states to have, on several occasions, provided support for acts of global terrorism are designated as per United States laws.  The four primary categories of sanctions resulting in designation under the authorities are inclusive of restrictions on United States foreign aid. A ban on defence sales and exports controls over particular exports of dual-use items and other miscellaneous financial restrictions. When a country is designated under the laws, other sanctions and laws are implemented that penalize the countries and individuals from engaging in trade with state sponsors.
New Changes
Cuba was designated to the list on March 1st, 1982. Following the signing of the new accord, the secretary of state will look into the country a fresh to make a review of the designation. Furthermore, earlier, there was a slew of travel restrictions barring American citizens and permanent residents in America from travelling to Cuba with a few exceptions. General licenses that do not require any special permission, are provided for individuals that are visiting a relative that is a Cuban national or persons that are travelling with them who share a common dwelling as a family with them. This was authorized by the United States president in 2009.  General licenses will be provided for reasons that necessitated approval on a case by case basis; for instance, athletic competitions, public performances and workshops, humanitarian work in case of disaster, dissemination of information and travel that is related to the export of authorized products.  It is imperative to note that travel restrictions inclusive of tourism will require congressional action to be lifted.

Banking and trade will also be impacted in the sense that before, no transactions that involve the property of Cuban nationals were allowed. For instance, the purchase of Cuban cigars or the signing of Cuba-related contracts with foreign firms. Following the lifting of the embargo, American institutions will be able to hold accounts at financial institutions in Cuba. Cuban travellers will be allowed to use American debit and credit cards. American entities in third countries will be able to take part in meetings and transactions with Cuban people in third countries. Items or equipment that supports the private sector in Cuba will be allowed for export such as building and agricultural material. Companies providing telecommunication services will be allowed to set up the related infrastructure; American travellers that are licensed can import 400 dollars of goods inclusive of up to 100 dollars in alcohol and tobacco. It would, however, require congressional action to lift entirely the embargo.
Remittances to religious organizations or close relatives have no limits. Travellers with authorization are allowed to carry 3000 dollars to Cuba in remittances. Before, the approved payments in every quarter will be made to any Cuban citizen for humanitarian reasons; this amount will be raised to 2000 dollars every quarter.  In addition to that, earlier, there were requirements for a license for individuals that provide remittance forwarding services, the licenses will not be required any more following the agreement.

It is apparent that the new agreement between the American and Cuban governments has brought forth several changes.  For the most part, the changes in policies have been beneficial to both countries as they are both now able to conduct business together. While there is still a long way to go, in the reestablishment of good relations between both countries, it is evident that this is a step in the right direction and a good start. Nationals from both countries are likely to benefit from the fewer restrictions on imports and exports, and this is, therefore, likely to boost economic growth more specifically for Cuba. Particularly so, is that Cuba as a country is now able to benefit from investors in various service industries particularly from telecommunication services providers.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I tried vegan food a few weeks ago and frankly, it was nothing like I expected. As a meat lover, I was a bit skeptic about vegan food, cause you know, taste. which is quite dumb of me seeing as my diet is not entirely meat based.

So I made the decision to go vegan! I am not sure for how long, but, while it lasts, I am exclusively on a vegan diet. 
cutting out the dairy is going to be easy since I hate milk. And I have never liked eggs so, let's just say, I got it down to some extent.

In the next few days I will start posting a couple of recipes of my own, that are vegan and delicious! from starters to desserts.

I am going to be honest and say, my greatest motivation here is not the taste, rather, it will be weight loss (yay! winning) and maybe better skin. I don't know.

So there you have it, I am going to be your lab rat; we can weigh the pros and cons of going vegan together and see if it is something we ought to do for a longer period or I am going through one of those phases.

Wish me luck!

Simple Recipe for a flatter stomach

Every girl, and boy, loves a flat stomach..

we also love pizza, doughnuts, ice cream and bread...

we just cannot win.
As such, it is harder to tone our bodies, especially the stomach area.


That slouchy, bored and dull flab can all go away with this simple recipe using all natural ingredients you can find in your pantry.
what you need

  • A tablespoon of ground ginger
  • A tablespoon of stevia (optional)
  • Half a tablespoon of Cayenne pepper
  • Five tablespoons of lemon juice
  • one liter of water
  • A tablespoon of Turmeric powder
Bring the water to a boil
cool for five minutes

add all ingredients to a jug and pour in the water 

Drink at noon
Repeat these process and by ten days, you'll have some noticeable difference!

And remember, lay off the sugars and fat, alright? And maybe don't drive everywhere, a walk doesn't hurt.

bless you!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Climate Change...Why we should start caring

For the most part, Climate change has been more of a phenomenon than a reality. We read about it in books, journals, newspapers ..but this channels of communication have been unable to have our attention long enough to make us care.

Perhaps, and this is just a thought, it is because the projections that Earth will be inhabitable in the future seem so far away that we opt not to care, cause we won't be there? Have we become so uncaring? So selfish that we do not care for the future, for others that will come after us, for our children, and our children's children?

Today, Part of China's population has to stay indoors because the air outside is hazardous. How ridiculous is that? That you have to stay indoors for fresh air! That, my friends, is an oxymoron. That is not how nature intended it to be. What makes it worse is that, it is our own doing, it is all our fault. it is our fault that the air is not breathable, it is our fault that the ecosystem is slowly dying. It is our fault that WE are dying.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


If you are a beginner , like me, you are probably looking for simple recipes that are easy to execute to build your confidence over time.

if you love cake, who doesn't? you will love this simple cake recipe for passion cake.
the cake is moist, fluffy and oh so delicious.

I do not have a sweet tooth so I always cut down the sugar in most recipes. Doesn't make a difference anyway.
so,here is what you will need
2 cups self raising flour
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
passion fruit pulp (equivalent of 10 passion fruits)
2 tablespoons of softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

pre heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius (375 Fahrenheit)
separate your eggs and whisk the butter with the sugar until you have a pale mixture
add in the egg yolks and whisk. whisk in enough air as this is important in maing your cake nice and fluffy
fold in the flour alternating with the passion fruit pulp.
in a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks and fold into the cake batter
pour your batter into two 9 inch cake pans and bake for 30-40 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean.

you can accompany this cake with a passion fruit pulp syrup or a butter cream icing.