Monday, November 30, 2015

Climate Change...Why we should start caring

For the most part, Climate change has been more of a phenomenon than a reality. We read about it in books, journals, newspapers ..but this channels of communication have been unable to have our attention long enough to make us care.

Perhaps, and this is just a thought, it is because the projections that Earth will be inhabitable in the future seem so far away that we opt not to care, cause we won't be there? Have we become so uncaring? So selfish that we do not care for the future, for others that will come after us, for our children, and our children's children?

Today, Part of China's population has to stay indoors because the air outside is hazardous. How ridiculous is that? That you have to stay indoors for fresh air! That, my friends, is an oxymoron. That is not how nature intended it to be. What makes it worse is that, it is our own doing, it is all our fault. it is our fault that the air is not breathable, it is our fault that the ecosystem is slowly dying. It is our fault that WE are dying.

The earth is ours to take care of, it is also ours to destroy. Going by the look of things, we are set for destruction, if proper measures are not put in place, the end might not be as far as we think.  The good thing, however, is that it is not too late to make a difference, to 'heal' the Earth. To allow the future generations to enjoy it as much as we did, as our fore fathers did.

As global leaders discuss climate change, let us not sit back and wait for them to make the difference. It begins with you. You are the change you quote the legend Michael Jackson 'Start with the man in the mirror, be the change.'


It is that simple, that is all it takes, the 3Rs. It starts at the household level, how you deal with your trash, then your neighbor, then the community and before you know it, something that started with you has had an impact so big, you could not have called it.
 So today, today I want us to think of sustainability, the use of the current resources at our disposal in such a way that the future generation enjoys them as well.
let us do away with this selfish nature, this self centered nature that is going to be our destruction.  Think about the future, your future even, the future of that little cute baby that smiled at you at the mall, how sad is it that that little baby will not enjoy the sound of birds in the morning, or a fresh breeze of air in the morning when he/she opens the window?

It is about time we stopped shying away from being the first....It takes one brave move to start a craze...let the craze be climate change, caring for the environment, making Earth better...restoring it to its previous glory. Granted, we will need policy changes, how about we call out our governments on policies we know will harm the environment? Use your influence as a people to ensure governments make decisions that benefit the people and not their  individual interests as leaders.


Peace and Love.

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